Versions follow Semantic Versioning (<major>.<minor>.<patch>). Backward incompatible (breaking) changes will only be introduced in major versions with advance notice in the Deprecations section of releases.

v0.2.1.dev0+g67327bc.d20210301 [UNRELEASED DRAFT] (2021-03-01)

No significant changes.

v0.2.0 (2021-03-01)


  • Fixed undefined symbol: ssh_disconnect and related issues when building on certain distros – by @Qalthos (#63, #153, #158)

  • Fixed "Negative size passed to PyBytes_FromStringAndSize" when ssh_channel_read_nonblocking fails – by @Qalthos (#168)




v0.1.0 (2020-08-12)


  • Enhanced sftp error handling code to match with libssh error messages – by @ganeshrn (#27)

  • Fixed session timeout issue, the data type of timeout is expected by ssh_options_set is of type long int – by @ganeshrn (#46)

  • Fixed sftp file get issue. On py2 The file write() method returns None on py2 if bytes are written to file successfully, whereas on py3 it returns total number of bytes written to file. Added a fix to check for the number of bytes written only in the case when write() does not return None – by @ganeshrn (#58)

  • Fixed double close issue, added logic to free the channel allocated memory within __dealloc__() – by @ganeshrn (#113)


  • Added cython extension for libssh client API’s initial commit – by @ganeshrn (#1)

  • Added proxycommand support for session and update session exeception to LibsshSessionException – by @ganeshrn (#10)

  • Added support for host key checking with authentication – by @ganeshrn (#15)

  • Changed pylibssh dir to pylibsshext to avoid ns collision – by @ganeshrn (#25)

  • Added sftp get functionality to fetch file from remote host – by @amolkahat (#26)

  • Added support to receive bulk response for remote shell – by @ganeshrn (#40)

  • Added the support for keyboard-authentication method – by @Qalthos (#105)

Backward incompatible changes

  • Updated the package name to ansible-pylibssh to reflect that the library only intends to implement a set of APIs that are necessary to implement an Ansible connection plugin – by @ganeshrn (#1)



  • Updated requirements file to replace requirements.txt with – by @akasurde (#14)

  • Made tox’s main env pick up the in-tree PEP 517 build backend – by @webknjaz (#72)

  • Refactored sphinx RST parsing in towncrier extension – by @ewjoachim (#119)

  • Hotfixed the directive in the in-tree sphinx extension to always trigger the changelog document rebuilds so that it’d pick up any changelog fragments from disk – by @webknjaz (#120)

  • Turned the Townrier fragments README doc title into subtitle – by @webknjaz

    The effect is that it doesn’t show up in the side bar as an individual item anymore. (#125)

  • Integrated Markdown support into docs via the MyST parser – by @webknjaz (#126)

  • Switched the builder on Read the Docs to dirhtml so it now generates a dir-based URL layout for the website – by @webknjaz (#127)

  • Enabled sphinx.ext.autosectionlabel Sphinx extension to automatically generate reference targets for document sections that can be linked against using :ref: – by @webknjaz (#128)